Family Matters York


Family Matters York (FMY) approached us wanting to update their old website. We provided designs for each page before building them so that Laura and the Trustees of the charity had the opportunity to comment.

We opened clear lines of communication which helped to develop a close customer relationship 



Website Design


Website Creation


Website Hosting


Website Restyle



We host FMY on our Charity Package which has helped to increase the speed of the website.

We also added functionality which has made it easier to book onto training courses.

We are also providing a care package for the website so that FMY keeps up to date with the latest updates.

Easiwebs have been great in designing and developing a new website for our charity. They guided us using their expertise and knowledge about the technology that they understand so much better than we do. Our website is both our communication tool and main booking centre for the courses that we run, Easiwebs set up the site and taught us how to use it. Their continued help to maintain the site after it has gone live is brilliant too.

Laura Hambleton

Development Manager, Family Matters York